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Addressing priority knowledge needs for sustainable farming

This document provides an assessment of the effectiveness of relevant management actions to address 35 of the priority knowledge needs for sustainable agriculture (identified by 350 people from business, practice, policy making and academia).

The document was prepared at University of Cambridge with funding from HEIF5. It summarizes work funded by Arcadia, Synchronicity Earth, ESRC, NERC, Natural England and Waitrose plc.

11/12/2015  |  Download

Prioritisation of knowledge needs for sustainable aquaculture

A paper published in the journal Fish and Fisheries (Jones et al. 2014) can be seen here. Full text copies are available by email from Lynn Dicks, University of Cambridge ( The title of the paper is: "Prioritization of knowledge needs for sustainable aquaculture: a national and global perspective."

The document available for download here lists the 25 priority knowledge needs identified by Jones et al. (2014).

11/12/2015  |  Download

Synopsis on enhancing natural pest control: evidence for the effects of selected actions

Our synopsis on enhancing natural pest control can now be downloaded for free. It covers 176 studies and 22 of the 92 actions that we identified for enhancing this ecosystem service. All of this evidence is also searchable on this website.

27/09/2013  |  Download

The complete list of actions for enhancing natural pest control

The University of Cambridge's list of 92 different actions for enhancing natural pest control in arable, perennial crop and livestock/pasture farming.

27/09/2013  |  Download

Priority research questions for the UK food system: from producing to consuming

Summary results of a Global Food Security (GFS) project identifying the highest priority research questions for the UK food system as a whole, encompassing all food chain activities and a broad range of food security issues.

27/09/2013  |  Download

What do we need to know to enhance the environmental sustainability of agricultural production? A prioritisation of knowledge needs for the UK

This paper lists the priority knowledge needs identified by our Sustainable Agriculture Task Force in January 2013. It is published in the open access journal Sustainability as part of a special issue on sustainable food chains.


30/08/2013  |  Download

NERC Knowledge Exchange Programme on Sustainable Food Production

A two-page summary of the programme's background and objectives.

26/11/2012  |  Download

Classification and indication of scale of food markets important to the UK

A brief assessment of the importance of food production to the UK economy, and the relative contribution of different sectors of the food production industry

20/11/2012  |  Download